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Well, it started out a nice day....

This is all whining. I suggest you don't read it.

Boy, you ARE a masochist. My day started really well. We went to see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I thought was really good. I wouldn't mind renting it at a later date. Decent interesting flick. Then Martin decided we should theatre hop. I was playing with the idea of going separate ways at that point, I wanted to see Legally Blonde 2. I should have. This was my fatal mistake.

Instead, I decided to go with him to see 28 Days Later, which I had not the slightest bit of interest in. Bad, bad idea. I have a certain susceptible temperament which does not go well with movies that portray the end of the world or reasonable facsimiles. Up till today the most scary thing I'd seen was part one on Steven King's The Stand. Up till now, the most depressing and sad thing I'd seen was Pet Semetary.

If you like realistic end of the world shit, see 28 Days Later. On the big screen. On the other hand, if you're susceptible to depression stay the fuck away from this movie.

We had popped into Bruce Almighty while waiting for it to start so I went in in a really good happy mood. Only a few minutes into it I was fighting not to cry. Then throughout most of the movie. It sucked for me. Hardcore. I hated it. Horribly. At one point after the movie I openly bawled for about 5 minutes. I'm depressed outta my fucking mind. If I never fucking hear or see anything about this movie or like this movie again in my life it will be too fucking soon.

So to cheer me up Martin decided to buy dinner. Not sit down, we can't afford that. I said how about picking up something at Ralphs, but by the way he got all sulky obviously he wasn't buying food for me. He was buying food for the convenience of not having to make anything or think about what to make. He was so sulky that we ended up going to his favorite place, which I am sick of up to here. There's only so much El Pollo Loco I can eat. I WANTED Chinese food.

At this point I've come to the conclusion that with Martin around it's easier to go the Public School System route. The correct answer is not the truth, the correct answer is what the questioner wants to hear. We will be watching Duck Dodgers with dinner even though I won't enjoy it in this mood, because that's what he wants to watch with dinner. At least until I'm less depressed, I'm pretty much giving up on even trying to be an individual when he's around.

I warned you this wasn't anything you wanted to read.

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