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Tired of this sitting in my email waiting to be posted....

Did you see the Farscape trailer at ComicCon?

Neither did I. Neither did a lot of 'scapers.

The current fan movement is trying to get Apple to host the trailer at their huge-ass quicktime movie trailer website. I wrote them and told them how spiffy it would be if they carried it. Did you want to? Drop a line to

In other news, does anyone know anything freeware or shareware that doesn't leave huge watermarks on the output files that will convert a mov. file to either .avi or .mpeg? I've got the Teen Titans opening on .mov and I want to icon the fucker, but it's too big to open in Imageready and Premiere refuses to. It's REALLY frustrating me.

No witty wrap up lines at the end of this. I suck at those.

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