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*rolls her eyes dramatically*

*in a tiny squeaky voice*

Welcome to Misty's Apartment!

It's our apartment, too!

Firstly, peeps in the San Fernando Valley area... there was a hit and run last Monday and the guy is trying to find out who did it....please post this link in your journal...

Secondly, girls, you need to try this nail polish. I've got Steel Magic on and these are the four main shades I get out of it, although I get pretty much every gradation on this chart...

Sometimes it's this great gunmetal, sometimes it's deep purple, sometimes it's ivy, and depending on the light, it could not be shifting at all, everyone will swear you're wearing green nail polish and two minutes later the lighting is different and you're wearing purple. The two edge colors are what I get most, though. Don't be fooled by the colors on the website, go to your local drug store and snag a nails worth to see how cool it is. Then buy it. ^_^ FYI, it MAY be chippy, I've had problems with another formula of Revlon being chippy, but I put this over a coat of Sally Hansens and it's been lasting great for me. And you KNOW how often I type.


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