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I had been searching through google images looking for a few things I needed for some graphics I was working on and noticed how many pictures looked like they were just some schmoe's digi-at-home pics. Out of curiousity, I was wondering how many of MINE were in there so I searched "fritters." (I explain all this because I REALLY wasn't ego surfing, I wanted to know how good the search engine was and how much of my stuff was easily accessible and what wasn't.)

What surprised me is that I found three pictures I'm not sure I even still had a copy of before today. It was from when a group of L.A. Bill Pullman fans got together for a luncheon thingy and was joined by a couple of his interney peeps.

Check the top three out, I'm in all of the ones up top...

(Click for full sized versions...)

How'm I coming across in these? I get the feeling I was coming off a bit smug and holier than thou. Maybe that's why I didn't feel like I really connected with anyone.

And I was still thinner and redheaded then ^_^



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