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Labor Day Weekend

Well, this is going to be another relatively boring entry. My weekend was nothing special but then again it didn't suck, either. Makes for a milquetoast sorta read. After reading about ladypixel's weekend, I'm actually sorta grateful for the boringness at this point. But anyways, here's a quickie for those who care.

Friday evening, we went out with Richard, as usual. Had Indian food at a new place in Encino. The place was open for another 45 minutes when we got there, but positively dead, so throughout the meal we had the entire staff staring at us waiting for us to finish and leave.

Saturday, I felt the urge to shop, which is generally an okay thing since I don't have much money, so I'm generally a good girl. It was after convincing Martin it would be a fun thing to do that I realized he DID have money. And he spent it. I think between the Swap Meet, WalMart and Walgreens he bought 8 different DVD's of bad movies. Okay, ONE was good and one was a gift for friends for Christmas, but EIGHT DVD'S?? I can't bitch too much, though, he got me a couple cute things, like fruit scented oil and a tiny maneki neko, beckoning cat statue, (right-handed calico). Overall, I only bought two things, both of which I desperately needed, a new bra (FIVE BUCKS! AND IT FITS!!) and a new purse, which is almost the same size as my last one, but for some reason only fits half my stuff in it =~( After everything he took me out to Souplantation. YAY!

Sunday we sat around and recouped from all the freakin' walking the day before and I watched the Hamtaro Birthday Special on CN.

Monday, Kat invited us over for a BBQ, so we went over to her house and hung with her and Bill and Jim and our roomie John. We ate burgers and hotdogs and watched Read or Die. Semi-traditional.

There, wasn't that a dull weekend? I shouldn't bitch, I've had MUCH duller, I had dinner out 3 out of 4 nights, technically. It's getting so I loathe eating at home. Lord, I'm spoiled. There's nothing low-carb that tastes good in the house ever, though, that's why I hate eating at home. More options out.

I never know how to end these freakin' things. I'm considering making it a habit to always put "the end" at the end. My endings always seem so abrupt. =\

The End.

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