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Overheard sentence of the day....

Overheard at Mimi's Restaurant:

"So I thought it would be fun to put my balls in the pool socket..."

Good Omens: Predictions About Your Friends by hidingthestars
Saunters vaguely downwarddaktacular
Gives away a flaming swordpostrophe
Is an Olympic-grade lurkerkimd
Wears sunglasses even when they dunt need toits_art
Has teensy-weensy little hoofikinsladypixel
Really wrote the Buggre Alle This Biblenfayre
Thinks tartan is stylishluvnnoel
Will always know the stain was there, deep downmoonshine246
Isn't occult; is etherealfuzzlemuzzle
Harasses house plants, the utter bastardnevwynelf
Has two nipples... or so they sayellonwye
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