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Yesterday I finally and truly came home.

For a while I'd been thinking how if I had to move anywhere, I'd move to Calgary, cause I've already got a ready set of friends there. I'd been missing the beauty of the plains. There are a lot of things wrong with Canada, but there are a lot of things wrong EVERYwhere and Martin hates California with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

And yesterday, to avoid the 405, I drove up Pacific Coast Highway.

And there the entire Pacific Ocean lay out beneath me, "waving."

I rolled down the windows and turned off the air conditioner (unless I actively have the heater on, I run the air conditioner non-stop in the WINTER). The smell of the ocean greeted me, touched with the background scent of the nearby mountains. The warm breezes rolled around the interior of the car and Dido sang to me "Don't Leave Home."

Okay, I thought, and smiled.

Then the song changed and Counting Crows talked about being "Accidentally in Love." And I was. I loved my home all over again. I may leave home at some point, but it will take quite an effort to get me to leave this ocean.


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