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Noise Pollution

Noise pollution REALLY crawls up my ass and dies. I was sitting in, god forbid,
planned parenthood today and TWO people were on cellphones, going
on about the party and whos invited and what other appointments
they had and how long it took. Also, for our personal edification, there
was a tv on that had about 45 minutes of programming, so of COURSE
we saw (and heard) everything twice. Loads of REALLY USEFUL
information such as trivia about our pancreas. Wow, if I hadn't known
that my pancreas would've just up and STOPPED. Well above all this
we ALSO got the lovely addition of the Mexican Thump Thump music
blaring from the music (?!) store next door. So its pancreas info,
sunburn info, whos going to the party THUMP THUMP THUMP don't
you yell at me, wait I'm so sorry THUMP THUMP what have YOU been
up to. I can at least understand to SOME degree talking on the phone
when you've got nothing to do but wait to be probed by the aliens but
thte 4th of July was even worse.

On the fourth, I damn near decked this bitch who was out watching
free fireworks near us. I'm sitting there watching the show and shes
paying NO attention to it, just sitting there telling her homie how
to run her life cause she needed SO much advice, apparently couldn't
run her life by herself. So I ask her politely, would you mind moving just
a couple of feet away (she was like 3 feet from my ear) I can't help
overhearing your conversation and I'd rather concentrate on the
fireworks. So she TOTALLY ignores me and keeps it up and
the fireworks are like over halfway over and I ask her again, Look,
I've tried moving away some myself, I've tried plugging my ears,
but I can still hear EVERYTHING could you PLEASE just move
a few feet away? And she goes all ballistic on me and I'm like, Look,
why the fuck did you even come if you're not going to pay attention to
the fireworks. Well, eventually she gets off the phone, but I was SO close
to fucking her up.

In ANY case, the moral of all this is People Don't Want To Hear Your
Conversations! If you're in a public place, keep it short or quiet! There's
a reason most conversations are called PRIVATE conversations,

Or I will have to fuck you up.

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