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Okay, WHAT part of "I'm too hot to sleep" is hard to understand?

So I get up to go to the bathroom only three hours after falling asleep at 5 am. I'm still exhausted of course. I'm a 9-hours-of-sleep-a-night woman. I get back to bed and Martin is ALL over my side. So I try to get in and sleep. After trying to find SOME way to get comfortable ( my only options are partially on top of him or lying stick straight) I eventually just go "CHRIST!" and he asks what's bothering me?

I'm too hot to sleep.

MAAAYBE I'm expecting too much, but you'd think he'd realize that means cuddling is not exactly highly condusive to helping me sleep. But he stays firmly on my side. I can either be boiling hot, stick straight (and have him half on top of me) or fall out of bed, cause that's how much space I have.

So I try one more thing. I lie on top of the covers. ALMOST stick straight. But we've only got one blanket on the bed and he is positively RADIATING heat right through it. And honestly, I can't see how it's not just all him, we keep the bedroom between 70 and 72 degrees. I try rolling on my side away from him so I can have enough space to maybe not be touched by him constantly and try to cool off. He spoons up next to me so we're touching almost everywhere.

Yes, I COULD tell him to move, try to ask nicely, but Martin already thinks that I avoid him in bed (wonder WHY? I've always been uninclined towards human warmth. Way too hot...) so asking him to move, especially when his logic centers are asleep and he's all raw emotion is only going to piss him off . Which means, if I'm LUCKY, him moving WAAAY to his side, his back to me and anger beams radiating off of him. If I'm unlucky it means an actual argument. Either way, I'd be too pissed to sleep.

So with no other option I can think of, I get out of bed hoping that without me he'll go back to his side and maybe in an hour I can try to go back to sleep. After trying to cool down mentally from right now wherein I'm too pissed at the circumstances to sleep. And so exhausted that I'm doing that whiny child thing and about to cry from it.

How hard is "I'm too hot to sleep" to understand? And I just know, deep in my heart of hearts, that he's in there thinking I left the bed cause I don't want to be near him, period. Not cause of the heat. He's like that. I HATE when I get stuck in no win situations. And no, I can't sleep on the couch either, he would take that as me trying to be away from him again. But because I'm not returning to bed in an hour, sleeping on the couch would get me more trouble since it's away from him longer.

Am I being coherent? It's so hard to tell on 3 hours sleep and a pissy-haze to think through.

Anyways, here's some quizzes I took

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I'll go try and edit the pics from last night...

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