Fritters (fritters) wrote,

Fish and Frogs

Okay, for those of you who were wondering, here's about the fish and frogs.

First of all, last night was Richard Night, which meant that me and Martin hung with Richard and 75% of the time means we ate out. Last night was at Wild Thyme, which is a place with paper covering all the tables and a little pot of crayons on every one, so people are actively encouraged to draw. Being of little adventurousness in that area, I drew my usual frogs. Here are the frogs I drew....

Yeah, they're nothing special, but they're mine and I love my frogs.

On the way home, I mentioned a really cool sign to the guys and Richard wanted to see it. Martin took a picture of it for me, since I think it's just hilarious in that totally ludicrous sort of way.

You can almost hear his little voice. Weird little picture, eh? I pass this ALL the time, it's on one of the main thoroughfares out here. And while I was emptying out the pics on the digi camera, I'm gonna drag one more out for you....

When Lilly sleeps, she sleeps HARD. She also snores, but that's another story.

I actually also had some photos I took on the way back from Doreen's last Aug. 17th, to show everyone the wild beauty of the California desert, but they didn't come out so well, so they're on request only, which means no one is going to ask to see them ; )

I'm probably going to try and get some sleep now. Wish me luck.

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