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Okay, I understand that Gaia doesn't allow traced pictures into their art directory. It makes perfect sense because that requires no creativity. But they DO allow people to create pixel art from widely available bases. I've SEEN people put those in the art gallery. But apparently my picture of Starfire in Robin's clothes was a crappy little trace and not worthy of their freakin' gallery because I didn't put enough effort into it (*coughcoughtwodaysofworkcough*). I only traced the picture, I didn't have to do anything ORIGINAL like redesign the outfit or change a bunch of the shadows on the outfit or figure out how Robin's ugly shoes would look from straight on or draw her a brand new crotch or try to figure how rectangles would lay across the anatomy of the female chest or anything. It was only a trace and not high art like using a base you found on a pixel art website and changing the haircolor and calling it Ranma.

Yes, I'm pissed.

Yes, I'm looking for sympathy.

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