Fritters (fritters) wrote,

Oh my...

This is the coolest goth doll I've ever seen, and I've looked through all the ones Hot Topic carries. Go here and click on the 6th picture.... I mean, I've seen dolls that look goth before, but these people manufactured a doll that looks positively DEAD!

4:10 PM. Okay, I wasn't going to post anymore of these, but there's a whole bunch more TOTALLY cool dolls here. Click on Super Dollfie and then any of the names. Same company.

4:48 PM. Okay okay okay, I'm REALLY going to try and make this the last one, but this is SO much better than the first two that I REALLY couldn't help myself. Well, the first two links are to the company that makes Super Dollfie, the dolls you've seen in the last two links. Well, it turns out these dolls are made specifically to be as customizable as possible, and this is a site of someone who EXCELS at customizing. Click on the "Dollfie" link on the upper left hand corner. nevwynelf, you are going to find some of these guys positively droolariffic.

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