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Ergh. I'm gonna hafta make a lot of different types of icon posts because of all the tiny different types here....Farscape, Teen Titans, comics, animals, just random stuff.... Lots of different types of communities to post them to.


Credit me by putting the word Fritters somewhere in your keywords if you use any of these, so that it shows up when I visit your user pic page, 'kay? Except for the warning icon, cause I did nothing but crop and resize that puppy. But credit for the rest or you will make kitty sad.

Number 4 comes from Calvin and Hobbes, 5 from Pooch Cafe'. Screencap of Rygel's cousin from Farscape:Peacekeeper Wars from emiwenis. Art on the Robfire icons from me, dammit.

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4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.



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