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More political stuff, posted mainly because reading my friends page today made me cry.

I'm not posting this link to most of the people here. I'm posting it to any people who are liberal and have said negative things about people with differing opinions and I'm posting it to the people on the right who are tired of being called names, because maybe like it did for me it will make it hurt less.

I'm posting this also because I agree with a lot of it. A lot of it. I really would appreciate people who might fit in either of the above categories reading it. Even if you're in another country. And if you DO click on the link, please read it all. Some of the most important stuff is lower down.

Ideally I'd like to post this to fixerbard, baeritone and hfx_ben, but since they're banned from this journal they will never see it. You can all guess why they're banned from this journal.

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