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A link for vous...

Well, I was TRYING to keep my posting down to once a day because I personally hold the believe that blogs are online ego masturbation and complete wastes of bandwidths, but my dear friend ladypixel called me a chicken for only posting once a day. This from a woman who would lick the feet of whoever started livejournal. Oh, well. In deference to her thrown gauntlet, I will post a link for y'all.

In theory, blogs were originally to show people what cool sh** you found on the web anyways so I should put more links up anywho. In any case, if you like Nightcrawler like I like Nightcrawler you will love I haven't found any really raunchy stories yet, but I HAVE found everything else. Links to not so clean pictures, just really cool pictures, anime pictures, normal stories, webcomics, people discussing the various version of our Kurty boy, links to all sorts of other blue furry sites. It's a 'crawler fans heaven. If you want to revel in the bamfness, you gotta check it out.

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