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Minor Pimpage

When did this journal start being a rant, Q&A forum and meme pile instead of me actually journalling what I do?

Anyways, last night we went and saw the free show Che Zuro and Tisa Adamson put on at the Borders in Canoga Park. Much enjoyment was had. I took pics because sometimes Che likes to use them on her site and I like to remember what the hell I actually do from time to time. I posted them mainly for her and you, but I'm not gonna post em post em, I'm just gonna give the url of the five-ish pics to y'all that are interested. (FYI, the pics mostly bite, I learned there's a REASON you want the flash mucking with the nice ambient lighting...)

And once again, I pimp that you should visit her site and download her music and find out she's cool, but as far as I know you never do.... Bleaugh.

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