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I was going to post the latest batch of pictures on Monday, but I've been a busy son-of-a-gun. So first of all...

Meme part 1:

"If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the internet, post this sentence in your journal."


The first pic is from when me and postrophe went to Northridge mall looking for......stuff....I guess....and found a kiosk selling Hermit Crabs of all things. I was amazed at what a friendly guy one of them was and was darn tempted to take him home. Here he is on Richard's hand...

Richard decided he wanted to spend his birthday dinner with me and lironess at the Rainforest Cafe at downtown Disney. The rest of the pictures are from there. Here's one of the huge-ass aquariums.

We sat right by the animatronic baby elephant. In retrospect, that was the best seat in the restaurant for my first time there.

More heffalumps...

They put a lot of effort into this place. It's like imagineers exploded. Seriously.

One of the animatronic gorillas, smelling a flower, I think.

More g'rilla.

I'd post about my birthday dinner and such, but there are no pictures and other than the wasabi ice cream, nothing particularly noteworthy occurred. The food was good, I got nifty presents.

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Damn complimented on the above result. I don't think it's that accurate, but very pleased with the response.

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Damn straight on that one...

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