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It's only the day before your mom comes over to see your new place for the first time that you realize the place that you thought you had cleaned up really nice for the holidays and would only need to spruce up a little bit is a dirty dusty slimy smelly germy cesspool and what do I have to do to get this faucet to shine? Is this PERMANENT guk on it? Some plumber YEARS ago just left putty on it, didn't he? And why can't I get this grease off the kitchen wall? I've scrubbed and used chemicals strong enough to kill elephants at fourty paces and it WON'T COME OFF! Why do we have electrical cords THERE? This place is a fire trap! Where the hell did all this dust and cobwebs come from? They weren't there this weekend! Why the HELL have I been putting off cleaning this place till today, it obviously needs 8 hours of cleaning for the last week!



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