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Holiday Picture Post...

Well, you guys voted and apparently one picture post a month isn't enough for you mooks. So here's a buttload of (mostly) holiday season pictures for y'all. In theory I should have made a separate web page of these, seeing as there's 17 of the damn things, but I'm lazy today.

First of all, many of these pictures are PRIME examples of why I considered buying a digital camera instead of a trip to Canada. In retrospect I did TOTALLY the right thing, but these will often show you the incredible need I have for the ability to take low light pictures or have SOME sort of optical zoom capability...

The first pic isn't technically a holiday picture, but Martin and I were at Jason's, who is an excellent host, and I saw a shot that perfectly illustrated the ambiance at his place. Tulips, candlelight, and scary monsters. I have two versions of this, this one is the way I think Jason would like it cropped, with the scary shadows showing...

And this is more centered...

The next few shots are from our now traditional drive through the local holiday light show. This didn't turn out too well, but it shows one of the houses with a blow up Burl Ives snowman. When it comes to the holidays, I am Rankin and Basses personal slut. No one can "holiday special" like them...

Awards for most original local light display goes to this, the drive in movie theatre. The images on the screen moved and everything.

Award for coolest local holiday display goes to this Nightmare Before Christmas display. The little Zero near Jack's head actually went roundy-roundy, although sadly it had spun itself a bit and was going around backwards *snicker*

Part one of Best Overall Local Holiday Display goes to this Incredibles Scene. This isn't a good shot, sadly. It was damned impressive. Especially considering these are the people who did the Finding Nemo scene last year. These people put a huge amount of effort into having the best yard every year.

Part two.

This dude actually sat outside his house every damn night dressed as Santa to make his yard special. The amusing part is the deer were prefab. We saw the exact same set one block over ^_^

You can't read it, but it says "Support our Troops." Martin really liked this one, being an ex-troop and all...

It's hard to see here, but I give this Best Execution. They had a little motorized system between Rabbit and Tigger where little snowballs kept going back and forth. Pretty cool.

The same yard had this, although how it related to Winnie the Pooh I'll never know. Two monks ringing a large bell. The cool part is this is also animated, the monks went up and down, whenever one rang the bell from the ground, the other would be pulled into the air. It was damned impressive and reminded me very much of the original California missionaries...

Skate is QUITE pleased with the catnip bags Grandma sent for Christmas...

...As is Hunley

Hunley: Oh man, I am SO high right now!
Max: I wish he'd share....

Suggestions on how to take pictures of a black cat on dark brown carpeting and have it show up decent are appreciated. Here's Max bogarting the new Federico Ferret toy Dad and Mom got him for Christmas.

Swag, Part 1: Misty's.

Pretty much from left to right: White turtleneck, skooshy blue vibrating pillow, Oregon Trail, the movies "Dude Where's My Car", "My Big FatAss Wedding", "Hamtaro", "Hellboy", The Sims, a big comfy black sweater, a collection of 80's music on CD, JLo knockoff perfume, a magnetic bonsai tree(!), The entire Excel Saga Box Set (SQUEEE!!), a Relaxorium coffee mug (Squee part 2!), Creep Night Pinball, a 128 meg SD card for my Palm, "Baby, If You've Ever Wondered" (a book all about WKRP in Cincinatti, which I've been wanting for YEARS, it's a fantastic show), a candle I accidentally left in the shot, mints, backscrubber, bitchin' rose suede gloves, a Relaxorium Jersey (SQUEE part 3!) and a warm white sweater.

World's Worst Run-on Sentence.

Swag, Part 2: Martin's, or at least what I remember and can tell from the picture.

Whale calendar, Kona coffee, Wahl beard trimmer, blue henley, black sweater, mints, Aspen cologne, slippers, pc games including Caesar III, Shaolin Soccer, Galaxy Quest, Court Jester, Short Circuit, yet more slippers.

Obligatory tree shot, although I think our tree is pretty damn cool. Note the festive snowman in the background. And you can see three out of four of the new Snowman Ice Cube lights on the tree in this shot.

That's about it. I'll probably wait until spazzychic is in town to make the next picture post. Lucky me ^_^

Comments here, unless it's specifically about Martin, in which case poke him here.

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