Fritters (fritters) wrote,

Required Tsunami Post ^_^

Until today, I have not donated money to the Tsunami Relief Funds.


Because, straight out, I am a big lazy slob. I did not want to get up, go into the next room, and get out my credit card. Sloth is my favorite deadly sin. Anyone who knows me will aver that food is one of my greatest joys in life. It brings me an almost obscene amount of pleasure. And many is the time I will not get up to make some and will go hungry for hours and hours. I am THAT lazy.

Well, today I bothered to check paypal again, and they have a link where you just have to enter your password and email and they will take money off your credit card FOR you, to Unicef. I've now donated. I am only a lazy slob now, not a selfish lazy slob. Hooray, me!

And for the rest of us lazy slobs out here, here's the link.

Now we ain't got no more excuses ^_^

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