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Mini post of useless fluff...


You're the Smiths. Like the Cure, you're not technically a goth band, but you're popular amongst the black clad. Cheer up, darling, Robert Smith may hate you, but I think you're gorgeous. Nice boots dear, and I DO mean it.

What Goth Band Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

This is amusing, because I'm NOT goth, but I feel I have a decent amount in me. Not to mention I own both Cure and Smiths albums, but the Smiths are more numerous... I've put Smith's lyrics in icons before.

And, the 2004 Sentence Meme, ganked from spazzychic and ladypixel...

The first (complete, unlocked, unquoted) sentence from each month of 2004:

January: "Well, here it is the fifth day of a New Year and I haven't even gotten to posting what I did for New Years."

February: "Today nothing noteworthy happened, again." AMUSING POINT: That was the entire post...

March: "Many many things."

April: "Mom forwards me her mail from Tom McClintock."

May: "I've come to the conclusion from the lack of entries in this thing that my life is pretty uneventful."

June: "We just got wireless cards from Fry's and we haven't even gotten the wireless router set up, and here I am detecting and then sucking usage out of the linksys wireless router from the mac in (I think) apartment 14."

July: "...It's very hard to update when you've got a cat on your dominant hand and have to type with the other one while balancing a laptop on one leg."

August: "Overpriced but very cool Zim toys."

September: "I've made a bunch of Mac Hall icons from one of the more famous strips... "

October: "CBS has announced that next spring we get to have CSI:SVU:ER:LA!"

November: "I'd really like everyone to comment on this, I've been wondering about this for a while."

December: "First of all, Credit Fritters in the Keywords!"


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