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Wallpaper/Art Thingy

This just happened to end up wallpaper sized (800x600), it wasn't really originally part of the plan. Be warned, this image is subject to a particular cynical, dark part of my sense of humor. It's not pr0n or anything, but it does poke fun at some of the more popular art styles I've been seeing on LJ. So if you click on this and get pissed off, I don't want to hear complaints... Thumbnail behind the cut for the lower bandwidth visitors.

Click on the thumbnail. Really. It's way way complex.

I entitle this lovely piece of artwork..."If I make it messy enough, maybe people will mistake it for art."

I think that pretty much gets my point across.

P.S. Anyone who is really up for some nasty bluntness can e-mail me to find out what the tiny text says.

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