Fritters (fritters) wrote,

More icons....

I've been working on two different sets of icons for AAAGES. Literally about half a year or so. And I realized, screw it. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. So I'm releasing the partially finished sets. In theory, there will be more...

FIRST SET!! MYSTERY MEN!! Because it rocks harder than pretty much any other movie. Be warned, most of these are just quotes from the movies tossed on screencaps, but I think I did them pretty well. In any case, if you haven't seen it AND are planning to, which you SHOULD, there may be small spoilers. Bleaugh.

Mystery Men Icon Rules! Credit in keywords! That's it! The only rule. I'd like it if people who go to your user icon page and say "that's cool" could see my name somewhere next to the icon. I'm an egomaniac, I know....


1. 11. 26.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

10. 11. 12.

13. 15. 15.

16. 17. 18.

19. 20. 21.

22. 23. 24.

25. 26. 27.

28. 29. 30.

31. 32.


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