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A post because I have to....

Oh my god, I was DYING!! I had no IDEA I was such an LJ addict until it was gone! It has so completely taken over my life! It's shocking, really. I'm posting mainly because I just feel the need, to re-establish communication with all my friends and such, again.

I could whine about the cow-like and unimaginative qualities of the people I came across today, I was originally planning on it, but it's petty and judgemental and I really ought to get away from that.

Sadly enough, for multiple reasons, I started a journal at greatestjournal under the same name. It was partially cause so many of my icons end up there and partially just to give me something LJ-like to while my time away. Sad? Yes.

This post is pointless. I should in theory delete it, but I guess posts are supposed to reveal things about you, and this one certainly does, albeit unflattering things.

Comment to put my nervous little heart at rest that everything is fine and my support network of friends is all back and safe.

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