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Erm....update thingy.

I'm apparently not going to be making any particularly detailed entries this week. Or any particularly witty entries.

Today, I got all my housework done, then showed spazzychic and postrophe the Terra story arc from Teen Titans. We showed spazzychic the funness of BevMo and then we went to teppan at Kisho. Very pleasant.

Yesterday we had lunch at Numero Uno, then the insanity and persuasiveness of Spazzychic convinced me to play several games of DDR with her. I survived, mostly. After, we hung out with ladypixel, kingu and moonshine246. So there were the 6 of us, and we got In 'n' Out, went geocaching, which spazzychic will post pictures of later this weekish, and then got a buttload of good donuts. This was spazzychic's first time caching and she seemed quite pleased with it (the list of caches we hit are on ladypixel's journal, yes, I'm being lazy, click over there to see them if you're interested). I was personally quite pleased with the lovely Christmas gifts I got from the three of them, an IngenuiTea tea mug that does this cool brewing stuff which I won't go into here and a four pack of holiday teas from Adagio ^_^ Thanks a bazillion, sweeties!

Side Note: moonshine246 is insane.

Tuesday we did lunch at Rattlers with spazzychic, postrophe and spazzes friend Melinda, who was very nice and fun to be around. We Malled some, dropped her off, and then later met up with postrophe's parents and thudpucker at Anarbagh for muchly good Indian cuisine.

Monday I ran spazzychic to LAX to look for her wallet, we got some El Pollo Loco and then postrophe came over and....some blankness here. My memory is getting fadey this far back.

We've managed to cross off all but one of the "Absolute"s on Spazzychic's restaurant list and good deal of the "Very Hopeful"s. Tomorrow we're hitting the last "Absolute", so with a bit of planning I think we're doing pretty well at getting her to the places she's missed culinarily.

Ummm....I'm sure there was more I meant to say. It's been all busy and stuff. If you check the above journals you'll probably find more details than my addled brain can torture you with. I'll be merciful and end it here.


P.S.!! Monday, we went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for dinner!! It was funky, but the waffles were WAY worth it and then we took spazzychic to Psychobabble!

Because this post REALLY wasn't long enough...


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