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Quick update

Many small things so getting them all out of the way at once. First of all, I changed my default icon, cause I got some of it right! Tonight's Teen Titans had Starfire in Robin's clothes and she did the bare midriff thing! I got the belt and pants wrong, but I got part of it right, so I was pretty damn stoked.

And, poll...

How do you view my entries?

On your page, I see your layout
On my friends page, I only see your layout when commenting
Not only on my friends page, but I force my layout onto yours!

FYI, I downloaded a LOT of the things people suggested to me, mp3-wise. Here are the ones I kept.

BNL - Life in a Nutshell
BNL - If I Had a Million Dollars
Poe - Haunted
Poe - Angry Johnny

Thanks to nfayre and phoenix_anew! It was NOT a contest, but you guys made the best suggestions for my personal tastes. I appreciate it! Not posting this to make the others feel bad for me not liking what they consider good, everything's relative, but so that you know I really did download and listen to a lot.

Geeky kitty picture. Trust me and click.

Darn geeky stuffed toys. I think sleeping sickness and the flu are particularly cute. Stolen greedily from lilmissmiltia.


EDIT!! P.S.!! I forgot to mention that after a couple YEARS of mostly ignoring it, I finally added a new person to vote on at the Relaxorium's Sexy Men page!

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