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Why am I awake so early? Cause my brain hates me... in other news...

1. Alternative Canadian Walk of Fame Inductee: Hammy Hamster. I love Hammy soooo much.

2. I've never seen it, but I can't help but think Saturnin would be just as cool. Same basic premise, but with a ducky whose best friend is a ferret. It's in French, so to see it easier, plug this url

into here

3.This is what happens when you take democracy completely out of the picture. Also why I'm a libertarian..

4.And this is why so few people help out strangers anymore...

5. Why didn't anyone TELL me Firefox was so much better than IE or Netscape! It imported my bookmarks from BOTH browsers, is more resistant to spyware/adware/zombieware AND has easy to find and install skins! Well, since no one told ME, I'm telling you.

6. This is actually the reason I posted...

My Bebby Hunley Is Kitten of the Day!!

Hooray for my kitty!!

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