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I want to apologize to all of the really nice people who said really nice things to me in my last picture post who are now locked out. It was supposed to be friends only, not because I don't like the people who I haven't friended back, but because I just didn't want it open to the entire web what with the personal shots of me in it. LJ screwed up and didn't friends only post it, and a lot of people who I really do like commented in it. I've locked it friends only now, though, so you probably can't keep commenting back and forth with me. I'm sorry, no offense it meant. If I could keep it open to the people who've already commented, I would. I just don't want the entire web seeing shots of me as a kid.

In better news, Happy Chinese New Year! This is the year of the rooster, which both me and Martin are, so hopefully this will be a spiffy-do year for us! ^_^

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