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11 February 2005 @ 08:14 pm
Brushes. Sorry for the textyness.  
Yeah, I know, I usually don't do brushes, but I've been wanting to put kanji characters into my graphics from time to time, but I never can because I don't know what the hell any kanji means. So, I might put a nice decorative kanji character on a picture of my favorite character and find out later it means "moron". So, since I wanted kanji brushes with clearly labelled characters, I thought you might want some, too. These were made in Photoshop 7, I'm not sure what that makes them compatible with, cause this is my first time making brushes. I would do image doohickeys for paint shop but I have no freakin' idea how.

In any case, I have three sets of brushes, one set is in three pieces. I have a large set, which in ps7 can be resized bigger and smaller. I like them smaller, they work better in icons. Also, in PS7, if you hover over the brushes, you will get a teency pop up window telling you what the character means. They're all clearly labelled and in alphabetical order so you can find what you want easily. I got the original kanji from here...


I broke the first set into three because there's so many words. I tried to only use ones that would be really useful like insane, moon, sun, night, winter, north, snow, skin, sex, man, tea, things like that. A complete list would bore us all. In any case, here's an example of three of the brushes in the set, "wing" "skin" and "night". Wing is the original size of the brush, the others have been easily reduced with the little slider thing you get in the brush window.

Fritters Kanji Brushes A-G
Fritters Kanji Brushes H-R
Fritters Kanji Brushes S-Z

This first set has a LOT of different words in it, odds are with almost any picture you'll find several appropriate characters you can toss into a picture.

The second set has a lot less characters. But it's smaller, so if you want to put characters in and don't want to bug with resizing to fit a smaller picture you might want these. But I most recommend the first set. In any case, here's an example with Spike from Cowboy Bebop and the characters Big Man on his neck, unresized. Woot!!

Fritters Small Kanji Brushes

And lastly a tiny tiny brush set of tiny tiny characters, perfect for smacking stuff on icons. Not a lot of characters, but definitely some useful ones. Here's an example with an icon using the characters "Blue Water".

Fritters Tiny Kanji Brushes

That's it. Comment and credit, please.
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Robyn Goodfellow: intriguedrobyngoodfellow on February 12th, 2005 04:57 am (UTC)
'scool. Very cool.
Frittersfritters on February 12th, 2005 05:00 am (UTC)
I actually used them on the logo I did for the club in Popomundo that Dennis is CEO of, Zantetsuken. But I was planning on making them even before I had something specific to use them on. I don't expect a lot of hits here, actually, but whatever I post to the communities for graphical consumption I usually post here, too.

BTW, if you're interested in the graphic I made for the club Dennis is running, it's here....

gabbysun on February 12th, 2005 05:10 am (UTC)
In which Gabby decides that being smiley-less is NOT WORTH IT.
Ooh, lovely! Although I am Photoshop-less so I can only stare. ;D

(Pst, kanji is an alphabet that the Japanese took from the Chinese, so you can also say that it is Chinese too. :D)

(Pst 2, I think Japanese and Chinese translate to the same, so I think that the water one actually is "clear water", or something similar; I asked my mom. And I don't think I can comment on any of the others because my head is all muddly, but . . . yes. xD)
Fritters: Ed Nodding by Frittersfritters on February 12th, 2005 05:29 am (UTC)
Re: In which Gabby decides that being smiley-less is NOT WORTH IT.
I thought some of them might not be dead on, but I figured at least they ought to be close, which is better than putting Pig Rabbit on the water pic... But thanks for the heads up! And I thought kanji was sorta refined Chinese?
Briaislin_cade on February 12th, 2005 06:35 am (UTC)
OH EM GEE I AM SO TAKING THESE as soon as I get back on MY computer. THEY ARE AWESOME!

I apologize for all the caps. I am very tired and very weird this morning. XD
Fritters: Ed Happy BIG by Frittersfritters on February 12th, 2005 08:31 am (UTC)
I'm just glad someone I know will actually use these!! So happy you like them!
Snarking toward Enlightenmentchaosphaere on February 12th, 2005 06:45 am (UTC)
Oooh!! Photoshop goodies!!!! I'm glad I friended you. I'll post some of my own goodies when I get some time.
Fritters: Ed Peering by Frittersfritters on February 12th, 2005 08:32 am (UTC)
You might also want to post them on 100X100 brushes, don't know the exact name. It's a community I'm in. That way lots of people can enjoy ^_^
jaydarkson on February 12th, 2005 07:25 am (UTC)
Wow, extremely cool! :)
Frittersfritters on February 12th, 2005 08:34 am (UTC)
"You know, that snake girl...": I.D.thatsnakegirl on February 12th, 2005 01:09 pm (UTC)
I took all the brushes, because it just doesn't take me long enough to scroll through my brush list as it is. lol. I'll credit you on my userinfo page. Do you have any buttons or banners or anything?
Frittersfritters on February 12th, 2005 09:10 pm (UTC)
Not a damn one. Never made brushes and not sure I ever will again. So I just haven't bothered to make one. But you can just credit me in text or whatever. Hell, if you want, you can make your own button!!
(no subject) - thatsnakegirl on February 12th, 2005 11:10 pm (UTC) (Expand)
ancient_immie: Saraclaya: Pendragonancient_immie on February 12th, 2005 06:03 pm (UTC)
I'm so gonna snag all those come Monday....I love kanji and it referrs to the character types used by Japanese to represent...there Kanji and Romani(like the normal letters of the alphabet) and then there's um Hijin( i think...have to look it up in my Japanese books on Monday for you...give you the full low down on the sitch...only reason I know this is cause I'm trying to learn Japanese...
Frittersfritters on February 12th, 2005 09:17 pm (UTC)
I was trying for a short while, but the software that was teaching me I found several errors in and I didn't want to keep learning it that way if I was going to have to relearn half of it again.
Phoenix Anewphoenix_anew on February 12th, 2005 09:10 pm (UTC)
I'm definitely going to take these. I still haven't figured out much on my photoshop but these are definitely worth trying for.

I've always wanted to learn at least some kanji. I have a shirt that has one on it and "happiness" underneath, but I've always wondered if thats really true. :)
Fritters: Ed Stars by Frittersfritters on February 12th, 2005 09:34 pm (UTC)
Re: Wow.
Well, I don't know too much about it, but there MIGHT be more than one character for it. And double happiness is more popular in apparel and knick knacks from what I've seen than straight happiness, so look under the letter D as well.

Do you need to be walked through how to use brushes? And I'm glad you find them useful!
Chrissy the Leetillikaeri on February 17th, 2005 11:49 am (UTC)
Downloaded them and will credit.
Jenn Jenngeminijenn on February 21st, 2005 04:04 am (UTC)
i just thought i would let u know that someone at this link has the same icon i got for u and asking for credit...weird!! anyway heres the link...http://www.livejournal.com/community/__sharedicons/87724.html#cutid1
Jenn Jenngeminijenn on February 21st, 2005 04:05 am (UTC)
oops got from u!! its the i poke badgers with spoons
(no subject) - fritters on February 21st, 2005 04:28 am (UTC) (Expand)