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Brushes. Sorry for the textyness.

Yeah, I know, I usually don't do brushes, but I've been wanting to put kanji characters into my graphics from time to time, but I never can because I don't know what the hell any kanji means. So, I might put a nice decorative kanji character on a picture of my favorite character and find out later it means "moron". So, since I wanted kanji brushes with clearly labelled characters, I thought you might want some, too. These were made in Photoshop 7, I'm not sure what that makes them compatible with, cause this is my first time making brushes. I would do image doohickeys for paint shop but I have no freakin' idea how.

In any case, I have three sets of brushes, one set is in three pieces. I have a large set, which in ps7 can be resized bigger and smaller. I like them smaller, they work better in icons. Also, in PS7, if you hover over the brushes, you will get a teency pop up window telling you what the character means. They're all clearly labelled and in alphabetical order so you can find what you want easily. I got the original kanji from here...

I broke the first set into three because there's so many words. I tried to only use ones that would be really useful like insane, moon, sun, night, winter, north, snow, skin, sex, man, tea, things like that. A complete list would bore us all. In any case, here's an example of three of the brushes in the set, "wing" "skin" and "night". Wing is the original size of the brush, the others have been easily reduced with the little slider thing you get in the brush window.

Fritters Kanji Brushes A-G
Fritters Kanji Brushes H-R
Fritters Kanji Brushes S-Z

This first set has a LOT of different words in it, odds are with almost any picture you'll find several appropriate characters you can toss into a picture.

The second set has a lot less characters. But it's smaller, so if you want to put characters in and don't want to bug with resizing to fit a smaller picture you might want these. But I most recommend the first set. In any case, here's an example with Spike from Cowboy Bebop and the characters Big Man on his neck, unresized. Woot!!

Fritters Small Kanji Brushes

And lastly a tiny tiny brush set of tiny tiny characters, perfect for smacking stuff on icons. Not a lot of characters, but definitely some useful ones. Here's an example with an icon using the characters "Blue Water".

Fritters Tiny Kanji Brushes

That's it. Comment and credit, please.

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