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A real update this time...

The last post was mainly for the people who are here just for the graphic stuff. This post is for the rest of y'all... As usual, it's potpourri, 'cause I don't want to make a post for every tiny little thing. Far better to vomit all the little bits on top of you at once, eh??

1. No spyware on today's scan. Usually there's 10-20 pieces of crap. This means something. I think it means "firefox pWnz3rs".

2. Really Cool Shirts.

3. I took the humor quiz at This is what I got...


Sunny/Dark: 3/10
drY/Gross: 2/10
Traditional/Offbeat: 5/10
Active/Passive: 5/10

You are a SYT--Sunny Dry Traditional. This makes you a Sophisticate.

You like conservative humor -- implied rather than explicit, and a well- timed eyebrow raise rather than a punchline. You're exactly the right kind of funny a well-bred hostess would want at her functions. You might be Jewish.

You're not afraid of a risque joke -- you just don't often make them. This means that people may keep it squeaky clean around you, and that when you do work blue it's super too so funny.

You're like Jon Stewart on that fake cover of the public domain Victorian erotica textbook in the back of America. You should get that book. You'll think it's funny as hell.

You might like The Daily Show, Remember Wenn and when Hamlet says, "Do you think I meant country matters?" You would snigger thyself all the way to the buttery bar.

Of the 13308 people who have taken this quiz, 26.1 % are this type.

Your Active humor score of 5/10 means you're a yellow dash of comedy down the middle of the humorous road. You prefer to listen than to be the center of attention, inserting funny observations and comments rather than driving the herd. That's cool. Just remember that the quantity of funny you provide tends to make people think you're up to something.


I don't like gross humor. Wow, there's an understatement. I'm amused by the phrase "You might be Jewish". I've taken selectsmart quizzes telling me I should convert to Judaism. Also amused that it mentions the very obscure TV show "Remember WENN" as something I might like. I was a rabid fan and was actually emailing the creator for a while. Speaking of which, I want that to be released on DVD, dammit. Not as much as I want WKRP, I throw fits wanting KRP on DVD, but that's another story.

4. Martin recently downloaded some pictures he's been holding on his Palm Somethingorother (one of the ones that takes pictures, natch.) He gave me copies of some of them, as well. They included pictures of Tommy, the cat we always feed on the front porch. I didn't want to post about this until we were more certain, but Tommy doesn't show up anymore. It's been almost two weeks now. And he was looking pretty bad when he disappeared. He was also very, very old. Sadly, we think we slunk off to die alone. Sorry to depress those of you who don't know him, but at the very least I know spazzychic would want to know, and postrophe might want the pictures we have of him. They both knew him. In any case, this was Tommy. He was a very good cat.

5. And to cheer you up a bit before y'all go, I also have some new shots of our baby rat, Minna. (Okay, yeah, she's not a baby, but she's OUR baby.) The first shot is her crawling on the bed between my pillow and Giant Hamtaro and the second is in the cage. I wanted to give you a good face shot, but the best one I had was behind bars...

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