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I may be taking a LOT of communities off of my friends page.

I'm so tired of seeing photoshop text brushes. Like you REALLY want someone else to decide what lyrics to put on your icons and what fonts to use and how to lay them out? And WTF with font brushes anyways? Like fonts aren't free and no one has the ability to put text on their icons without them?

And don't get me started on all the people offering tiny text brushes. Why would someone put text on their icon that they didn't even know what it said? I'm tempted to put out a brush set of tiny text and all the text will say shit like "I'm a moron because I use text without knowing what it says" and "if you can read this, you're one up on me" and "trendiness is more important than quality."

Not to mention I don't think I've seen a single icon post in the last week where I could read the text in every icon.

I'm gonna just disconnect from 90% of LJ, so it stops pissing me off so much, I swear.


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