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New weirdness...

Some of you know I'm playing a rockstar RPG at Popomundo. A smaller subset of you know that I've been raping the World's Worst Poetry page to get lyrics for my songs.

Now the puzzle.

I've run out of poems I want to use as songs. Therefore, I had to write a new bad poem. But, I've got a problem. I wrote a song that I think is REALLY REALLY horrific. But, I wrote it as a SONG. I'm not sure it works well enough to go on the bad poetry page. But, on the other hand, I am proud of how badly it sucks. So, posting it below the cut. Let me know if it belongs on the page or if it's too lyric-ey, please.

Three "but"s in one paragraph. Wow.

Encroaching Blackness
Written by Willa McFadden for the band
Empress Norton Bingenheimer

Feel it creep
See it sweep
Smell it deep

Encroaching Blackness

Know it's near
Grab some beer
Feel the fear

Encroaching Blackness

Once you feel it on your neck
It makes you want to hit the deck
Now we're gonna run like heck
Run like heck
Run like heck

Smell it's breath
Check your meth
Is it death?

Encroaching Blackness


It's too lyric-ey, isn't it??

In other news, I want this...

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