Fritters (fritters) wrote,

I hate subject lines...

I've been putting off posting because I'm not sure exactly how to present all the things I want you to see. But I guess I should just dive in...


Old Hand
You've seen 76% of the internet, and shed 46% of the tears...

And you thought you'd seen it all!

You've been around this old internet of ours a number of times. You've seen some pretty sick stuff, and maybe you even liked some of it, but you've managed to find all the good bits and pieces. Congratulations! I bet your friends always want to know what cool stuff you're getting upto this week, and what funny new website you've found.

Are you shocked at the stuff you've missed? Have I given you enough of an inkling? I know you think the rest is garbage, but you're a little bit curious, aren't you? That Digital Underbelly... sinister... brooding... tempting... and oh, so wrong.

Don't do it! Fight against it! You'll soon lose all those friends if you get into it.

Hey! If you liked my test, send the link to your friends. They don't need to be OkCupid members to take it.

The I've Been on the Internet Test

2. I don't know if more than one other of you is interested in crate labels, but at the site linked to there you can find a lot of really cool ones, all eras and styles, almost all of them for sale.

Scroll down and you can see the different categories to browse. For everyone, I'd suggest the funny section.

For anyone in the So. Cal. area, I'd suggest the lemon section, because that's where most of the cool local ones are.

This is probably the one I want the most. Most of them are very affordable, so maybe at some point I can get a couple good ones matted and framed. Actually, this one is tied for my favorite, as well.

If you can only see a couple, I suggest these as the best...

Texas vegetable label.

Los Angeles distributor.

Melon label.

Cherry label.

More melons.

California vegetables.

And these aren't even half of the ones I thought worth sharing with you. So if you're not completely bored with these, you can download all the ones I saved on my hard drive. (2.7 meg)

Told you I needed to organize better.

3. I stumbled across a cool new game. I'm not going to post the rules, because I think half the fun is figuring them out. Also, because all of them are in Japanese, I'm not sure I'm GETTING all the rules right! If anyone wants to read the Japanese and let me know more about what the hell I'm doing other than the basics of starting the game, that would be great. But it's lots of fun and if you like anime art and that game where you have to smack the penguin really far, you'll love this.

Technically, I could also post about the memorial for ladypixel's dad, or how the rat is doing, but I'm trying to keep this post "up" and it's been long enough, don't you think?

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