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Phrase of the Week/Month: "C'mon, if I could've gotten a lobster necklace by now, I would've HAD one."

We went to Red Robster tonight and saw on their drink menu that some of their drinks came with red bead necklaces (mardi gras style) with actual red shiny plastic lobsters on the end!! I'm tempted to wear it everytime I go out for the next month. I mean, its a LOBSTER NECKLACE!

Maybe pics later, I dunno, but I think it's pretty easy to picture.

You should all go to Red Robster and get one. They Are Cool.


1:23 AM: Just got back from Starbucks with Richard and we saw Michelle there, which was TOTALLY worth it. Some days I get along with her and some days I don't. This time I did mostly, so it was cool. The first thing she did was dote on the Lobster Necklace, so that gave her 20 coolness points off the bat. At one point she got REALLY environmental on our ass, which I found INCREDIBLY annoying, but because I am so NOT environmental I was able to use that to Poke The Bear and made her temporarily pissed beyond belief, which I found very satisfying. She was going on about what a blight humans are to the planet so I'm all "Yeah, I throw away aluminum cans EVERY day....Screw the planet, I'M not having any kids. HAHAHahahahaah." I do actually agree with all that, (please no rants at me, it's rants that made me stop caring so you'll only push me further to the Dark Side) but I exaggerated it just a tad cause her reaction was so fun. Other than that we talked about how much X-2 messed up Nightcrawler and how Capt. Jack Sparrow rocks, and what anime we wanna see, so it was nice girly bonding stuff, which I get very rarely, living with two guys and almost never getting out. A Good Night All Round. SO glad I didn't stay home with Martin. After Red Robster he wanted to stay in, but I get out so little that me and Richard went to Starbucks alone.

Well, THAT was a well organized paragraph! Oh, well. You get the gist. Had the best night I've had in weeks, and tomorrow Martin and I are hanging with Jason doing Japanese food after going to Giant Robot, so that's pretty promising, too. I'll keep you updated cause my life is SOOOO exciting and I know how you all thrill on my every word ; \


1:50 AM: I stayed up and photographed it just for you, wingedjackal....

I'm exhausted, I'm going to go sleep now. My frappaccino was decaf....

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