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Stuck in my craw...

So I just finish my ride back from Pacific Palisades, 2 hours of my life spent on traffic, when I decide to swing into Trader Joe's for some edamame beans. I deserve another few days of snacking on edamame beans. (For those not in the know, Trader Joe's is a yuppie chain of small grocery stores...)

I'm going through the checkout when I see they've continued the cute little tropical theme they've been sporting with some Wanted Pirate paintings on the wall. They've got about 6 different "classic" pirates listed and painted on the wall with name and nickname and "dangerous" and all that.

And I notice something wrong.

Surely if they're a large chain and yuppified and this is permanently on the wall, they'd want to know.

So I stop at the manager booth on the way out.

Me: "Who checked the new paintings?"

Her: "I don't know, I wasn't here then."

Me: "Well, you've misspelled Teech." (as Teach)

Her: "Oh?"

Me: "And I'm pretty sure you've misspelled Anne Bonney's name as well." (as Ann Bonny)

Her: "Well it probably doesn't matter. They're only names."

Me: "I'd think it would matter to Teech."

Her: "It's not like he's REAL or anything."

Me: "umm.... Yes, he was. Blackbeard, Edward Teech WAS real. And he even spent time in North Carolina."

Her: "Oh, okay...."

And she pretty much dismissed me. And you know she won't tell anyone else, because it doesn't matter to HER and because I pointed out her ignorance. Not on purpose, granted, I was just appalled.

Is it too much to ask that actual large businesses check their spelling? Going shopping shouldn't piss me off.

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