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Hmmm....How to start. The day has been everywhere. Went over to Jason's and he took us to the Giant Robot store.....I took pictures of a couple thing for y'all. One, this is a lousy pic, but it's the only one where you can read the Engrish, which is what I saved it for.

This is a bunch of stickers of food pictures. For when you need to stick food onto things. The Engrish says "Food collection: Recently I am particularle anxious about it." Perhaps he's anxious he'll run out of food pictures to stick on his possessions.

Secondly, this wins the vote on what I was Most Likely to Buy (but it was 20 bucks....)

Gothic and Lolita Bible. Some of the Lolipics were a bit......bizarre, but it was filled with pictures of REALLY cool clothes. It even came with a pattern in one of them, possibly all issues, so that you can make your own cool clothes. I'm particularly amused that Mana (of Malice Mizer) is on the cover, prominently, of all three. I think in Japan she is probably the Patron Saint of Gothicness. Her and Robert Smith should have children....

We had a nice dinner with really light flaky tempura and watched our copy of X-Men 2 (thank you, anonymous person who was so nice to burn it for us!!) Strangely enough though, after it was all over my blood chemistry got all weird on me and despite the fact I had a really nice time, I started getting all emotional and sad. Weird, huh? Welcome to my life.

Well, it didn't get better driving home. We found out the valleys ONLY second run theatre closed. I expected it, honestly, every theatre in the Valley that has shown Rocky Horror, even if they stop, eventually goes under. I don't know what the prices are elsewhere, but in L.A. first run movies are about 9 dollars, 6.50 matinee. Well, the second run theatre had movies at 3.50. That's a huge difference. We will be seeing a LOT less movies. We're REALLY bummed.


Nextly, we passed ANOTHER radio ad that had "La Raza!!" written in big letters all over it. For those of you in other areas, that means "The Race" in spanish. It is one of the groups that basically thinks everything good in California belongs to the Mexicans and the Mexicans alone and anyone who isn't Mexican deserves nothing. Now, imagine this. In your area, you pass a big radio ad and it says something like "92.7!! The White Supremecist Station!". Would the minorities in your area sit there and put up with such blatant racism against them? Of COURSE not, that station would be run out on a RAIL! Tarred and feathered. The FCC would close them down and possibly burn the damn building. I'm not a white supremecist, I don't think that amount of intolerance should be permitted, but I think that should be universal. The problem is the few white people who understand it don't consider it a threat of any type or are too busy feeling guilty for their skin color to protest! Well, I grew up in a predominantly mexican school and area and I have ALWAYS been the minority and this feels like giant burning crosses on my front yard. As of yet, I have yet to find anyone else in the area who is bothered by this. I'm concerned if I did find a group against it and tried to put a stop to this racism, I would be targeted, these people have been known to be somewhat violent as well. So basically, I'm just this scared white chick watching the racists get closer and closer. I'm beginning to know how the german jews in the 30s felt.

And you guys wonder why I'm against Cruz Bustamonte becoming governor of the state. He has been a member of the ultra inner core of these people and refuses to disavow it. Him being governor is a scary scary thought.


Anyways, we also got into a fight when we got home. Martin promised me when he decided to get Bitty frozen and leave her around the house until he could get her properly cryonicized that I would never have to see, hear or do anything that would remind me of the fact my cat is a catsicle, because he knows how deeply, deeply it bothers me. Well, after the fact its mentioned every week, I have had to go and get the ice myself, pay for it myself many times and I don't think there's EVER been a week in the past year since she died that I didn't at least have to go with him to get the dry ice, I complained about the fact that he's putting her in our bathroom CLOSET for the next 24 hours. He gets all pissed because hey, if he leaves it in John's room, he'll have to wake him early to put the dry ice he has to buy first thing in the morning in with her. Lord forbid he be rude to John when the other option is to break his promise to his girlfriend for yet another week. So because I'm bothered, he has the NERVE to go and try and make me feel guilty for being upset at having a catsicle in our closet. Well he's all going on "FINE, I will NEVER mention or ask you to help or ANYTHING about her EVER again!" And he expects me to be angry or feel guilty. I just say "Okay, that's good, thanks." Probably pissed him off, but geeze, he's been breaking a promise to me EVERY week, several times a week for over a year now. I can't find it in me to feel guilty.

Anyway, that's how my night has been. ALL over the map. Weird, I know. You expected any less? At least "Fairly Oddparents" is on. That's a lot of fun. CosmoCon is being held in Scenic Timmy's Bathroom!


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