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Good news/bad news

Check out this website...

Now check out this website...

See a similarity? The first is one of the biggest radio stations in Calgary. One I listened to when visiting there. One several of my friends listen to.

The other is the station/owner that took over Arrow 93.1 in Los Angeles. See a similarity?

Upside: My friends from Calgary, when/IF they ever visit, will have a radio station that's nice and familiar to them. And it's not as alien to me, either, as a brand new station/format/owner could be.

Downside: I don't know if it will change, but Jack LA has no deejays. I was going to be a deejay. Disk jockey was my original Chosen Career Path. Now, this means they just fired every deejay from Arrow. And, as far as I can tell, aren't hiring any more. I am Against This. Therefore, DESPITE the fact I like a lot of what they play, I am going to make a point of not listening, and when my friends listen, I will make a point of not buying anything they advertise on the station. Vote with your dollar, I always say.

And yes, I probably wouldn't feel this strongly if it weren't for the "No deejays/Venus' job offer" episode of WKRP. But they were right. Go, Hugh Wilson.

Hopefully, these dweebwads will hire deejays so I can support them.

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