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Sunday Afternoon: I wish I could have had a live video feed for y'all, it was SO Southern California. We were done shopping for Necessities at the Valley Swap Meet and there was one point where me and Martin were sitting in the courtyard between the buildings, and I was having a shaved ice that was calorie free, so basically I was sucking down 3 dollars worth of artificial colors, artificial flavors and water. It was a warm day, even though most of you probably have a real Autumn by now, so both the east and west side of the covered pavillion had the mister spouts going full force to keep the heat at bay. In the meantime there was a karaoke show going in one area and, because he was trying to sell systems, a short ways away was a guy singing karaoke all by himself, so it was Battling Bad Voices. And throughout all this the couple at the next table was comparing ringtones on their cells. Ahhhhhh, home. And, like most of L.A., eventually people got in on the karaoke who were good enough to have agents and this group of like 2-3 chicks sang a karaoke of Lady Marmalade that was better performed than the recent hit version. They had PIPES.

Ahhhh, home.

Today, I finally did the thing I've been putting off for about a year and a half. I got a big tattoo of a battleship right on the end of my nose! Full color!! Everytime I wrinkle my nose it looks like the guns are about to fire! No, actually, I finally dyed my hair again. Turns out, Dark Auburn isn't the shade of the model on the box!! No, it's actually X-Men 2 Jean Grey Auburn, which is VERY dark and almost black in some light!! Boy, wasn't I surprised!! Little late now, it's not BAD, just nowhere near as nice as I was hoping. I guess I usually get medium or light auburn. I was going by the color on the box. Crap. I'm slightly peeved at a total of two hours effort ending in my hair still looking Mostly Brown only darker, when I wanted it lighter.

And I was reminded of why I never do this! Sitting around with crud on your hair for 25 minutes isn't really all that bad. It's the cleaning the entire bathroom so the cats won't find leftovers to eat after bending over for an hour straight trying to get all the crap out of your hair that really bites into your spinal column. Remind me next time to suck down 5 Aleve before I start.

Not that it was ENTIRELY suckage. There was one moment of levity. When you've just started and your hair is slicked back, and you've got a dark green towel around your neck pinned together like some sort of cloak, there's this whole Slytherin thing that really strikes you. I felt like Lucius Malfoy with dark hair. I did a little evil posing, with my dark green cloak and all. It was required.

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