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Picture Post

Those sins that I cannot forgive of myself,
the ocean forgives for me.

My day started out shitty. REALLY shitty. Small car accident shitty. (My car is fine, the other lady'll probably soak me for a new fender. Like I can afford that.) Then the traffic took me an hour to go across an area it usually takes me 15 minutes to go. By the time I got to the vets to pick up Minna's medicine, I was a freakin' wreck.

So I took the scenic route home. And stopped and walked in the ocean. And as always, the ocean made everything better, better than even alcohol can fix for me.

Photoshop overcontrasted this when I told it to do autolevels, but I like the way it turned out so I left it that way...

More ocean...

Birdage occurred. I'm always pleased with birdage.

Two lower-teen girls walked by and exclaimed to each other "That is the UGLIEST rock!!" So in my effort to be artsy, I thought I'd show you the "ugliest" rock ^_^

More birdage. Yay!

Goodbye, beach. I'll miss you. Lord, will I miss you...

There were actually hillsides of greenery and flowers on the way home, but traffic through the pass isn't kind to impromptu photography. In any case, if any of y'all are ever planning on visiting Los Angeles, let me suggest to you late winter through early summer and suggest avoiding late summer through early winter. See the place when it's green, not fire season, with it's prickly brownness.

In other news, Minna has been hanging in there and actually having less panic/bad breathing fits than normal. Here's a picture of her.

Anyone who gets me to move away from the ocean had better have a lot of good drugs or own a liquor store, because the ocean heals things in me better than anything else I can name....
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