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Bleaugh: Picture Post

Haven't felt "posty" lately. But I've got a bunch of pictures from driving around Sunday with jason_brez and from going on a walk Monday with thudpucker and I'm tired of them mentally poking me.

Firstly, some mountain shots. Taken from Mulholland, I believe.

Told you L.A. was green at the moment.

Everything would have actually come out more vivid, but it was a pretty overcast day.

Can anyone tell me what these are? They are EVERYWHERE in the local mountains. They're like a beautiful happy floral scourge ^_^

This is from the walk on Monday. I just liked the way it turned out.

A shot where you can actually SEE the itsy tiny chihuahua. He was a really funny toy.

Some of my favorite flowers, growing in the park. They have a neat smell, that's almost salty. Once again, I have no idea what these are.

Besides the rat toy thing, we also met a big friendly dog named Jake. This is the best shot we got of him because the batteries were going. That reminds me, I gotta change them.

And speaking of cleaning off my desktop, here's a quiz result...

You scored 22 American Logic Points!
You actually have some American logic, but hopefully you didn't cheat...

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 71% on American Logic
Link: The American logic Test written by You4got2Evolve on Ok Cupid

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