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Some days, you just feel the need to whine.

Take today for example! Martin's got the day off, he's going to try and do some writing, I need to do laundry...

So I wake up after about 2 hours sleep, unable to get more. That's okay, I'll get some mid-morning, early afternoonish, right?


It's a workday! Time to tear up the concrete in the apt. next door with big heavy machinery! YAYYY!! Jackhammers! Air compressors! They could be at this for WEEKS! The neighbors have the same problem WE had last year when they were at it for weeks in OUR place.

Will I get ANY sleep today? Or will I be snarky and pissy at Martin all day? Will Martin get any writing done with 100 decibels of fun occurring?

Stay tuned and SEE!


Update #1. Let's yell at each other over the machinery in Spanish!

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