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Special thanks to Claymore for the software that allowed me to make my new default icon! I wish she was smiling, but the icon is too cool not to use... I also made a new Skuld icon, although I can't say I'll keep it a long time. Since I can only have 3 icons I had to temporarily get rid of Gir and face it, I'm a lot more Gir than Skuld. I would pay for an account so I can have more, but for what it costs and the fact that the ONLY extra thing offered I would USE is the extra icon space, it's soooo not worth the money.

BTW, I was wandering around the web today and I found a cool pic that DESPERATELY needs a caption so I figured I'd throw it to y'all. Whoever comes up with the best caption gets an Appropriate Postcard. Yeah, I'm cheap, but A: I'm SuperBroke and B: It's WAY better than no prize at all. Considering I may be sending the postcard to Japan or Korea, it could still end up being, with a nice postcard, a 3-4 dollar gift....

Here's the pic....

Post your responses for the if you want to, of course, but to submit an entry, post in the commenty area thingy....

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