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Boring Boring Weekend. I expected as much with postrophe out of town. I will also feel a lot better when he's back, I don't like people I know taking plane flights. It makes me nervous.

About the only interesting thing that happened this weekend is we went to Santa Anita racetrack yesterday. I won about half the time which actually ended up a seven dollar loss. For most people that's really good, but usually I do well enough to make a couple dollars back. Worst I've ever done before is to lose about 2 dollars, so actually yesterday was my worst day ever. *sigh* And I have tickets for getting in free next weekend. I guess I'll give them away, I can't afford to lose anymore. And LORD all those stairs take it out of me. I am SO out of shape. Whoops, I'm also rambling.

Well anyways, my friend nevwynelf never has anyone except me visiting her journal, and her last entry was really funny, so I thought since this entry is really dull, I'd tell y'all to go over and visit hers instead of spending too much time here. I think a lot of you would do really well to add her to your friends list....I'd name names, but then I just realized that it would be mostly all of you.....


Quick Addendum: For anyone interested in how Gray Davis became so unpopular that he's the first governor Cali is going to throw out, here's an article that explains it very well. It includes several of Davis' Lying Excuses, but hey, they wanted to be even-handed.

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