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I don't think I'll ever really understand pinatas. Who wants to beat the living $#!+ out of a beloved character? Ooooo, I love spongebob, let's beat him till he falls apart and lets his gooey sweets flow all over the yard. If they REALLY wanted to sell pinatas, they would make them out of people that customers want to hit. I think someone could make a lot of money this way. And I can be equilateral about it. They can have George Bush pinatas as long as I get my Michael Moore pinata. And as Martin said yesterday, plenty of room for candy inside on that one...

EDIT: In other news, Darth Vader may not care much for the rebel forces, but he DOES care about keeping your lawn nice and green. He cares a LOT.

EDIT EDIT: Custom Pinatas as low as 35$! Get one for your next party!

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