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We're Fucked.

Martin just got fired. He had entered one letter wrong in the last 5 weeks, and since he was on a performance improvement plan, they used that as an excuse. Apparently someone in HR was out to get him because he pointed out their constant spelling errors were creating many hours of extra work for his entire team, and he was only trying to get his group to be more efficient.

Since he was fired, he is not going to be able to get unemployment. We now have one income of 800 dollars. Rent is 1000. This assumes we don't eat or use energy as well.

We Are So Fucked.

In the meantime, Drinking Party at our house!!


EDIT: As the comments would tend to show, yes, we are playing drunk DDR. The word for the day? Surreal

EDIT EDIT: Cats are really bad at DDR, even if they do get the occasional "perfect" (Don't ask me how that happened...)

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