Fritters (fritters) wrote,

...better late than never...

I feel MUCH better. I just finished catching up with my weekend. Y'all know how dull my last weekend was, well tonight since he was back in town postrophe wanted to get together with the two of us. Not only did he catch us up on his trip to New Yawk AND give us neat presents of these gun whatsies that shoot smoke rings, he took us out to dinner, too. FYI, the smoke rings really mess with the cats, which is always an added bonus. After having a night out with the three of us, Martin went to bed since his morning is so much earlier than ours and Richard and I went to Star*ucks for overpriced coffee beverages. It was nice to sit and talk and after all of this, I finally feel I had my weekend and am a lot more mentally prepared to face my week, which unfortunately includes my deposition for the lawsuit on Thursday. (I'm sure I'll stress at ya'll about that on Wednesday night.)

In any case, I feel SO much better and thanks bunches to postrophe. Plus tomorrow we get to throw that rat bastard Gray Davis outta office and hopefully stick Arnie in. (I shouldn't call Gray Davis a rat bastard, it may insult my pet rats....)


P.S. They should put a warning on Frappaccinos that because of the amount of sugar in them, getting a decaf does NOT guarantee you will still be able to sleep tonight. Dammit.

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