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100 steps...

ladypixel turned me onto a community called 100steps. It's about going out your door, going 100 steps, then taking a picture. After that, you take another 100 steps and take a picture. And so on. The main benefit is it teaches you to produce better photography and it amuses your friends/other community members.

We did this recently. On the downside, we only looked at the rules after doing it. Rules such as "you can only resize or add borders to your images" when we've cropped and adjusted the levels and saturation and such because our camera is old and sucky. So therefore, we can't post there.

But we can still post here. Well, sort of. I don't want to have everyone have to load 100 or so pictures every time they want to comment on this thread, so I'm making a temporary web page of them. We basically took turns at each place, so every 100 steps (or 150, we ran out of storage space near returning home) there are TWO pictures, Martin's then mine, proving repeatedly that Martin is a way better photographer than I am. We did actually try to follow the rest of the rules, such as having commentary on the photos, though.

Comments on improving photography are very very welcome, despite my urge to say "if the contrast and saturation are too high, it's all your monitors fault, and not mine..."

Pictures and commentary at the address below. Load time warning applies.

Comment here or at thudpucker's journal...

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