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Anime Backgrounds...

I tossed together a couple of anime backgrounds and decided to post them here. Basically, I was going through some abstract photoshop tutorials and since I'd seen a lot of backgrounds in this style, I decided to do what others did and throw an anime pic on the front of it, mess with it a little and call them backgrounds. Hope someone likes 'em... Click to see/download the full size.

Spike and Ein from Cowboy Bebop - 1024x768

Nancy from Read or Die - 800x600

FYI, the images are way better quality, I saved the thumbnails at a shitty quality so everyone could load them fast. I know the second pic is from a cel. I'm pretty sure the Bebop pic is from a magazine cover or something, I tried not to use any fanart, cause that's wrong....

And yes, I like blue. Shut up.
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