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Can you say "planned obsolescence"?

Remember how Martin needed to replace his laptop's computer keyboard? Did you know we bought our laptops on the same day? Can you say "planned obsolescence"? I knew you could. In other news, thanks, kingu, for allowing us to continue borrowing your external keyboard. Here's an example of something I typed on kingu's external keyboard, and on my laptop's keyboard....

now is the time for good men to come to the aid of the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dog
n6w 5s the t50e f6r g66d 0en t6 c60e t6 the a5d 6f the q45c2 br6wn f6x 140-5ng 6ver the 3azy d6g

Off to spend another 40 dollars on laptop parts...

Update PS Thing: If you haven't added potterpuffs to your friends list, you should.


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