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This evil swarmy hive of villainy...

I saw a quiz that asked who your favorite villain was. And I spent quite a while thinking on that. Because how do you choose that? Hottest? Smartest? Funniest? Best bad guy in your favorite 'verse? Or can it be someone in a less favorite 'verse if they're particularly exceptional? Is it the one you most want to win (or does that just mean you don't like the hero much)? Is it the one you most like to write? The one you most want to be? The one you most want to shtup? What is the main criterion for picking your favorite villain? There are so many ways that you can judge this question.

So how do you determine your favorite villain? And who is?


And speaking of favorites, you all got the "ultimate driving song" wrong, the correct answer is Red Barchetta from Rush. =P

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